About Me

Hey y'all, my name is Kris Saunders. I grew up moving all over the states, but officially call Georgia home. After graduating high school in 2003, I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an infantryman. Once training was completed, I went to Norfolk, VA to be a part of a new platoon in 1st FAST. We were deployed to Spain, took part in a joint training evolution with the Royal Commando Marines, and trained EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Next up was a deployment with 1st LAR to Iraq.  I EAS'd in 2007, moved around for a bit and have, for the time being, settled in Maryland. I finished my A.S. in Exercise Science, began working as a personal trainer in Annapolis, and started working towards my B.S. In the interim, I got involved with Team Rubicon and more recently, Mission 22. 

I love being outdoors, lifting heavy-ish weights, and genuinely enjoy helping people in any way possible. Really looking forward to heading down river, raising awareness and support for Mission 22, and meeting new people all along the way.